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"We haven’t done a shoot in a really long time, and I was like ‘wow! we’re older and lots happened in life and, you know, he’s still by my side’, so that was really amazing. I got a little teary eyed to be honest."

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me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 


me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 

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a man just died behind you


a man just died behind you

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Oh captain

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From the series Saturday Girl by Casey Orr

"Saturday Girl is a series of portraits of young women in Leeds; specifically as seen through their hairstyles.

It is an exploration of what hair means culturally and personally to young women and how they experience and use the power inherent in becoming visible as women.

All of the photographs are taken on Saturday afternoons in a pop up studio in the Leeds, and on Saturdays this city brims with young women, out with girlfriends, shopping and generally hanging around looking and being looked at. 

These girls are experimenting with fantastically creative ways of expressing themselves. We have always dyed and cut, sprayed and shaved; as a way of stating individuality and belonging to a tribe. All this big hair also reflects past trends in hair fashion, passed down to them intuitively through culture.

Saturday Girl is an exhibition and series of events including  film screenings, talks and performances which explore ideas of beauty, power and visibility in relation to women, Leeds Gallery, March 2014.” -Artist Statement

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